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Century & a Bit – 112miles

Today I rode from Venice Beach to New Port Beach and back for a total ride of 112miles (179.2km). It’s my longest ride by quite a lot, compared to my previous 68miles.   click to see stats    


Got a few cool projects coming up, can’t disclose the full details just yet and it involves some yet to be released goodies. But really, something cool will be full-parameter control of my Moog Little Phatty, with the patching looking something like this mess…..     In other new,┬ánew ‘TH’ album is nearing completion….actually looking […]

Glitch in the System

These moments are incredibly rare when working on Mac machines, but I secretly love it when I get a little crazy GPU/Screen action happening….  

Bring on Summer

Not that it’s been a cold summer or anything, in fact, Los Angeles has probably ‘the’ warmest winter I’ve ever felt, but damn I love summer and it’s not until then that the Pacific Ocean actually gets to swimming temperature.

15min Max Test

I took a little self inflicted 15min Max challenge today, try and make a useful musical patch in 15min, no prior planning, no cutting and pasting, just straight up patching! I came up with this little three OSC mono synth, it’s so basic it hurts.   And the code, should you want to give it […]