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Interesting, Interest

I’m not sure why, but I really like, DIY demo videos, unboxing videos and anything instructional that’s of done on the fly. I like watching other peoples, but do make my own occasionally for ‘demonstration’ purposes.   The Unboxing video phenomenon dates back to 2006 Not to mention the millions of demo videos on youtube, […]

20objects Ardcore

The fine chaps over at 20objects¬†threw this rig my way with one of their super rad ARDCORE units in it. What is an Ardcore I hear you ask? Well it like a Chameleon, I’ve barely scratched the surface with it but it’s already shown me some awesome sounds, from brown to pinks and back again […]


New modular synth track. No input, live patching and modulation.   >> Download Here <<  

Leap Tweak’n

Worst demo video EVR! But I hope you get the idea. Basically running UP and >DOWN a setting of momentary switches using Max. Looking to take it to seamlessly/slewing between them and any nature of highly accurate controls can be achieved with just ones fingers floating in the air. The LEAP is incredibly accurate, detecting […]