The Australian National University – School of Art


What a farce is all I can say!!! Firstly, only a week before our assessment a lecturer with some authority admitted to us that there is a marking bell curve.

Secondly, I went to school on patrons day as advised to do, What a waste of time!!!! They’re not interested in your work unless your on “the list” that’s right boys and girls, there is lists given to the guides who show the patrons around to the students worthy of seeing. And there is tailored lists for different higher dignitary patrons, ha ha fucking ha. I think if the patrons were left to wander around and decide for themselves what they like it might be a far better ‘marks’ guidance than the ‘bell curve’. I heard them almost getting told what to look at as Nigel Lendon said “you’ve got to see this guys work”.

I’m not that dirty about the lists (not even surprised) cause most of the patrons are old dudes who’d snap in half or would have a heart attack just thinking about getting involved in my work. I care more about how the kids take my work on Friday night. “The List” was quite obvious as they were guided into “Photomedia” to see certain peoples work and completely blind siding others. What hurt was watching my other peers look almost distraught at this procedure.

I can say I’m happy with the advancements I made during my “The Australian National University – Faculty of Art – School of Art” (I’m doing this to enhance google search-ability) career but far from proud about how the school conducts itself and definitely won’t be ranting about where I got my degree. My peers on the other hand I cannot speak highly enough about!!!