A bit of Humble Pie, Yum Yum

Always hard to get down but I’m not scared to eat it.

In responce to a bit of stick I’ve received over the last few days for posting my comments (and yes I was entirely aware that this is www). Ok, I voiced what I was feeling inside about MY school of art that I have been part of for 4 years.

I comment I did make was about not being proud of the place of my degree (this was merely a ‘heat of the moment’ comment) as I was not understanding (I’m not backing down) the procedures that were going on in front of me. This is probably the reason why other workshop heads choose to tell there students not to front up?! My misunderstanding of such procedures combined with the finding out of ‘the list’ and seeing the dismay of my fellow peers, who are quite a bit younger and haven’t been in a industrial “hard knocks” workforce that I come from, just didn’t know how to take it. This made me fairly frustrated.

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Dear Tom,
I’m not sure how genuine the comment on your peers can be post your ramble? incl: about patrons not having been guided to your work. Perhaps the calibre of your peers warrants your work being overlooked.

I didn’t actually make a comment about the patrons not being led to my work?! In actual fact my work was more than adequately represented and I am over the moon. But, If you had of watched the dismay on fellow students (peers) faces that I have spent 4 years with and have become more than friends with, you too would want to go into bat with/for them.

As for the bell curve; where have you been? Who and what do you image you are being assessed against – perhaps you should look across other university disciplines.
Right now you and your peers are a students of a discipline, not artists.

This is where I beg to differ. I have actually had two international shows and a hand full of national shows. 1 as recently a Brisbane and another in Chicago. I AM AN ARTIST (was in the making) but what will really make me an artist is not what I do next year or the one after that, but what I’m doing in 5 years time or 10. I know who I am held up against in the ‘marking bell curve’ and I give full congratulations to those who didn’t just do well but finished (my 1st year class was 30, my honours year class was 6).

Where is your reflective stand up?

If you know me well you may have caught an instance of my reflective stand up (or sit down or swing) this year. There was actually 4 instances. More coming very soon.

Where is your peer respect?

It’s right here on this blog. Lot’s of people are happy to speculate about these things in the dark room or the back of the sculpture workshop or the library but not bring out. I did it cause I like to see a fare run for everyone. I do understand that it’s also academic

more later…..

oh and leaving anonymous comments is pretty gutless, feel free to leave your name, real name Trevelyan!!