Fucking Awesome!!!

After leaving a sunny Canberra I was greeted in Melbourne by some typical dirty weather (funny how I think of the rain as dirty in Melbourne but refreshing in Canberra). Not to dampen my spirits I set off to find myself a nice hotel. It came by the name of Uni Lodge which was a massive new room at a bargain price and nearly on the corner next to Flinders St. station, a mere walk to Vodafone arena for the Crüe.

The concert was mad, lots of dedicated Crüe fans wearing the most appropriate T-shirts “Crüe Fans are the Best, Fuck the Rest” and definitely letting the Foo Fighter fans next doort at the Rod Laver arena know this whilst walking past on the way to the Vodafone arena, chanting this very loudly. Motor Head came out and played 2 songs (quite loudly) and then asked us if it was loud enough, we said no and Lemmy said “it’s never fucking loud enough” to which they actually turned it up, yyyeeeeaaah.

The Crüe came out to a barrage of pyrotechnics (enough to blow up a small city) that shock my ear drums like never before (they’re still ringing 36 hours later). Vince Neil ran around the stage like a lunatic and still hits those rock’n highs like never before, Nikki Sixx has still got his old school rock moves and Tommy “Titty Cam” Lee, what more can I say?!! Mick Marrs on the other hand looks to be feeling the pinch of old age and his sickness but still plays those Mötley riffs like a pro. At one stage Mick looked to be hiding away having a break over in front of the drums when Nikki Sixx just walks over and kicks him and then ushers him to get moving (all during a track).


10 days till I leave Canberra!! lol