Sydney Race Riots

OMG I cannot believe what’s been going on in Sydney of late. It really makes me sick to think about and just from the images it would be an educated assumption to say that half the Aussie guys or more didn’t even know why they were down at Cronulla, something like “Mum, I just went down there cause Johnno was!!” or “Johnno asked me to take a sixy down there and I ended up in the Daily Telegraph”.

What do they think they’re going to achieve, in the end no one will win, it’ll just mean you won’t be able to walk safely down the street, day or night. As for the media I think they’ve been more than fueling the situation, the Daily Telegraph headlines were just appaling.

I think this guy should clock himself over the head with his stubby.

In other news my zine is out, including a 5 track cd. There will also be a net release of the albume titled “This & That” at which I will inform you about once it’s activated.

I’m also creating my own label through the Australian Independent Music Association called, Nightrider Records.