As the Sun goes down


An era ends on Monday morning when I fly past the “Welcome To Canberra – The Bush Capital” sign on the Barton Highway, but I can honestly say there’ll be no tear in the eye, just a wry smile and the bird out the window. It’s been a good 3 years in Canberra (4 overall) and I’ve met some top people (and some fuck wits, not discounting that I’ve probably cemented myself in some people eyes as one too).

But its time to move on, these last few months have been tough because I’ve not only had to study and produce but I’ve been to some other wicked places and realised that I really have outgrown Canberra (I never really grew into Canberra as I only ever came here for uni). I miss the coast too and am really looking forward to getting back to my coastal home with the fresh sea air for a month or 2 to just chill and make art (a few performances are in the pipeline). I’m looking forward to getting back to Japan in March and hanging with old friends and also seeing how well I can tee up my art connections.

I look forward to hanging with old friends I’ve made in Canberra, but somewhere else in the World. Despite me knowing that my days have been numbered it’s still been very hard (a 50/50 battle against myself) to get out and party with friends I probably won’t see for quite a while. I’m zapped, just not motivated to do much here anymore, that includes partying, after all it’s “the bush capital”.

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