I'm Back

Tassie is so so so small. Just in an outing today I think I was talking to no short of 20 people I know. It’s a bit too much when everything revolves around only a few venues in a small town.

Our stop over in Melbourne was pretty good. I think it’s probably the cheapest city to eat out in on the east coast of Australia. Some killer meals were eaten that didn’t really lighten the wallet.

My gig went really well in Fitzroy, no Canberra heads popped up but that’s totally ok cause it was great to play to a bunch of people that I had never ever met before the night. A 1 hour set was pretty daunting cause I had never played much past 40 minutes (the art school ball) but I had plenty of stuff planned but just wasn’t sure how coherent it was going to be.

As it turns out my little warm-up in Canberra the night before leaving helped me to iron out a few little problems and the whole set went completely to plan. Trev’s mobile phone sample even made an impression (obviously they hadn’t heard it before). It was really fun to play for that long but there was a few little learning curves I hit which will hold me in good steed for the future. I played the night with a new midi controller (Behringer BCR2000) which I had only picked up the day before but I already like this much more than the Edirol (already sold it for a profit over the price I bought it in Japan).

Merry Christmas Everyone

I’m off to church this morning to repent for all my sins and if I have time (not likely) I’ll repent for a few in the future.

Ho Ho Ho Hoe