Old Devonport

As good as it is to be home and see family and friends I can’t help the overwhelming feeling of nothingness. Right now it would be really easy to just slot back into to old ways, drinking on weekends and working weekdays but I’m fighting it. This city called Devonport is stagnant, worse than a jar full of 6 month old milk.

I’ve been making some art works and have been getting a completely new set of sound samples together ready to start working on, I’m planning to start playing with Dolby Surround 5.1 within my sound works and see how immersive I can really get it. Looks like New Years will be spent in Launceston seeing Ministry of Sound as there’s just about no other option apart from a $400 dollar ticket to the Falls Festival at Marion Bay, to see a stella line up, but just short of returning to the workforce that’s out of my league.

Hope everyones having a good Xmas, New Years.