Reporting In…

Well I don’t seem to have much to write about…it’s kind of a lie but at the same time it feels like I’d just be going over much of the same.

So here’s a quick run down:

• I’ve started BETA testing Max4Live.
• Been making some great noise devices/contact mics
• Really enjoying designing my very own piece of video processing software, tailor made 😉
• Making VERY positive progress on my solo album (the first since Jan. 2008) and this will see the light of day sometime in Feb. 2010.
• Sorting out stuff for my appearances at Electrofringe, Newcastle.
• Been tying up various loose ends before I fly off to San Francisco for the remaining of the year – sadly leaving AXXONN on hiatus for 3-4 months.

Contact Mics

Blood, Sweat and …… (yes it’s real blood)