Getting on Top of it All

My time here in San Francisco is not just about working on my practice ‘making content’ and developing my ‘technical skills’. It is also about ‘all’ facets of a contemporary arts practice. This includes:

• Marketing
• Web Development and Presence
• Documentation and Archiving

So to begin with I’ve started updating my website and have begun to create a ‘shop’ (url soon) where all of my past (and future) albums are available for download in varying formats for a small fee. In addition to this I have also updated and purchased a flickr Pro account so that I can both upload as many recent images of work/play as I like, but also flickr works great as an archiving tool. If you have a flickr Pro account you can upload full-res images, which at anytime you can download in full-res for promo, your records or anything else.

>>>Checkout my Flickr Here< <<

AND I’ll be updating this blog more frequently with opportunities for you to hear my new work, see video experimentations and much, much more.