Some Txt I Like

According to the current tenets of critical theory, the viewer of art, the reader of text, the audience of a film or a theatre production are all performers, since our live, immediate responses to an art work are essential to the completion of the work. Even the lecturer or the critic “performs” a text, allowing each reader to insert her or his own social, economic, psychological, and educational experience between the lines. In this way, we are all activists, never more passive recipients of the material of culture; we are kinetic collaborators in the construction of ideas.

I knew I was a performorist type of person but now I realise I’m never not performing.

Also download this very early track from Carl Stone – Dong II Jang, played in 1982. This guy is the originator of electronic sampling. When you listen to this just remember that your mouse has more memory than his computer did in ’82.

More Tracks from Carl Stone Soon…..