Nobody Knows

‘Nobody Knows’ the best film I have seen this year. It helps that it’s in Japanese as I found myself fondly reminiscing of my times in Japan. A great story and really well acted by first time actors. It makes ‘Lost in Translation’ look like puss. Actually ‘Lost in Translation’ is a really bad depiction of what it’s actually like in Japan I feel.

Had a mad night last night, started off with the Drill Hall opening with good cheese and wine and then carried on over to Knightsbridge ‘yuppie palace’ but everyone was being all clicky with this big cirlce of people that couldn’t be penetrated. So we had a few drinks and blew that place to see a band at the church bar and then finished off the night with 2 solid hours dancing to some very fine 80’s tracks at Toast

Here’s a mad mix tape worth the download by Kelly Burns a New York street artist who I had the pleasure of meeting while I was in Tokyo once.