Back 2 it

My last 2 and a bit weeks…..

A little singlet Sian and I found in the small communtiy of Mossman (Northern Queensland) which coincidentally has a large amount of Aboriginal residents. We were quite shocked to find this for sale at one of the local op-shops. TAKE NOTE of the amazing use of the English language and the finely executed lines, clearly a well educated person. not!

A trip to the Cairns Zoo provided a few frights.

The small town of Mareeba that we visited after the Zoo had some serious STYLE.

Some fine dinning with fine company!

Some bewilderment over how these snorkel things work?!

Fitzroy Island views off Cairns, Sian and I had the most amazing day!

Some graduating magic

Sian getting down with Alamazing to the sunset!

The fire flys are bad in Brisbane this time of the year.

Some Christmas fun

On my way to home sweet home