Watashi wa Nihon ga Dai Suki

Yesterday Yuko received a package from Japan. In the package was also some goodies for me, food of course. Yuko’s Mum sent me two packets of Green Been chips, a Melon Bun and a story about the Bamboo Princess which I learned about on an outing to Koudaiji Temple to see the beautiful Autumn gardens last year, oh how I miss Japan and the freedom.

This equated to a tasting frenzy;


…then Chips….

…then a little read about the Bamboo Princess.

I’ve been thinking about my work alot lately and it’s coming along ok. Actually getting a few things done at school which is working out well combined with my Performances.

I’m not making art to try and convey a message directly to the viewer, firstly I am making art so that people can better understand me and so that I can better understand myself. I want people to see things the way I do. I feel aesthetics are of little importance as they often distort perception and perspectives of those over powered by it. Anyway aesthetics vary from person to person. Where as I might find a garbage laden street aesthetically pleasing others find it repulsive.

I tend to enjoy ephemeral elements in art and life. Moments that leave a lingering taste ‘so to speak’ but can’t quite be relived or experienced, moments you can feel, taste and even see but never experience quite the same. Something like clouds floating across the sky each with it’s own level of importance, some more than others but that shape, that speed and the density can never be exactly the same again.

In life I find we situate ourselves around areas/spaces of activity. These spaces are given a level of importance dependent upon the activity, but this activeness often hides a more pure form in ‘distraction’. This ‘distraction’ keeps us from our most subconsciously feared emotion, ‘boredom’.

If your free tomorrow night come and support us at Strathnairn, it’s worth the drive even if it is just to get some fresh air;