Time To Think

So it’s been a week now since my album came out, MUTED ANGELS

Janeva (my wife) has been playing it a bit in her car and occasionally I’ve jumped in it and rather than change to something else I’ve let it go, it’s been really great to cruise down Los Angeles’s endless free-ways, watching as we transverse multiple-lanes, averaging 75-80 mph (kind of the standard free-way speed here when it’s not at stand still). I’ve had time to listen, time to think and time to listen again. It’s different to making, mixing/mastering as it’s complete, it’s committed and there’s nothing you can change. Thankfully a week on I’m happier with the album than ever, it sits exactly where I want it.

Key points about MUTED ANGELS

• Melody & Noise – The basic concept for this album without trailing off into some high-brow conceptual bullshit was quite simply to seamlessly meld MELODY with NOISE. I wanted to take aspects of the my favourite parts of abrasive noise and join them with some of my favourite ambient based methods of producing melody.

• Volume – this album was designed to played at high volume, the bass should make your speakers crackle. It does however work well at low volume as background music for a family dinner or a ‘romantic’ night with your favourite loved one.

• Headphones – #Pro Tip, there’s a whole world in MUTED ANGELS just waiting to be unveiled, you’ll hear things you never knew existed when listening on headphones – Freq .Range is from 40hz to 16k

• Distance, Space, Movement – In the past 18-months, since the very first recordings took place that made their way to the final release, I have moved across the globe frequently, covering very large distances, moving belongings, leaving friends, making new ones and adapting to new, very unfamiliar surrounds and responsibilities . MUTED ANGELS really captures much of these changes, included in the album are a huge number of field recordings gathered in many different locations, many processed and used in synthesis devices to recreate melody, you won’t recognise them (hint: top fueler) but you’ll definitely feel them.

• A big part of this album has been reactionary to changing people, times and surrounds.