Face Tracking Tools – Custom MSP Pactch

This is my first go with FaceOSC and OSCulator


But I wanted more control of extreme face movement, being able to really sweep through an FX range or something else. I wanted to be able to dial in a very specific setting so a subtle eye tweak could result in a massive audio change but also just flick a button on or off. So I set out to build an MSP patch to substitute OSCulator and save some money since I already own Max (you don’t even need to own Max/MSP as you can use the FREE Max/MSP Runtime App.).

Recent video w/custom MSP patch and FaceOSC


The MSP patch (click to see large)



What you’ll need to Download to get started:

Max/Msp Runtime (if you don't already have it).
Tom Hall FaceOSC MSP Patch
OSCroute~ MSP External (from CNMAT)
** You MUST download the CNMAT MSP external 
"OSCroute~" install it in your MSP-externals folder**

Startup Instructions:

Add - the OSCroute external to the MSP-externals folder
inside your Max_runtime App.

Open - FaceOSC.maxpat

Open - FaceOSC

Select IAC Drive Bus 1

Make sure the DAW you want to use is open and is setup to
receive IAC midi on both track and remote

Use the toggle inside the FaceOSC MSP patch to turn
on/off the separate CC messages to allow you to selective
control which parameters they are going to control.
This is running on OSX and 'should' run on windows
but I am unable to confirm, please let me know if you can!

Have fun!!


Update V1.1

Added incoming OSC-msg window - user can now view the 
incoming OSC from FaceOSC to allow them greater control 
over setting the min/max OSC input and according midiCC 

New Screenshot (click to see large)