Thanks to Dubstep

There’s a little bit of a craze going on right now, it’s called Dubstep and it’s pretty much hit a peak in public appeal thanks to a young producer called Skrillex.

I’ll be honest, I never passed Dubstep more than a glancing eye for many years, until mid 2010 when I heard a radio announcer in Australia say “and here’s some experimental Dubstep from Skrillex”. My ears pricked at the sound of experimental, not dubstep + I also thought Skrillex was a weird name. I liked what I heard, instantly, the facet that drew me closer was the sound of the bass, big, deep and sounded like a V8 revving up.

Fast forward to 2012 and I’m head deep in LA teaching Ableton Live8, with almost every student asking, how does Skrillex make that sound?


My take on Dubstep – whipped this up in a free 15min slot using just Ableton – Operator (can do the same with Simpler)/Saturator/EQ8/Frequency Shifter/Redux + ultra basic drum pattern (the focus was on the bass sound not drums)

Pless Play >[audio:|titles=dubstep2]

Press Play >[audio:|titles=dubstep]

*disclosure* - there's an 'exploratory'edge and
they were recorded direct with no editing.