20objects Ardcore

IMG_2137The fine chaps over at 20objects threw this rig my way with one of their super rad ARDCORE units in it.

What is an Ardcore I hear you ask? Well it like a Chameleon, I’ve barely scratched the surface with it but it’s already shown me some awesome sounds, from brown to pinks and back again (it’s a 5u modular unit that is backended with a Arduino that can be programmed to output/buffer/sequence control voltages and all sorts of other tricks). But don’t let me tell you, head over to their site and checkout the full details, if you have a 5U modular setup, you’d be crazy not to grab one of these.


Some sound samples using the Ardcore that was running the SH101 Sequencer emulator sketch to drive Oscillators and Filter



Sample 3



Detailed review and videos coming soon, it’s only my first day with Ardcore and I can’t wait for more….