photoSometimes you never know what will motivate you to make new music and explore more, but I’ve long given up on ‘Gear’ as a means to get that inspiration. I find for me, inspiration comes from time spent in natural environments in general, coming back to the studio driven and motivated.

So an Ableton PUSH turned up for me last week, I had tested one back in December last year for an afternoon and really wasn’t that interested to be honest. But somehow this afternoon, with a fresh coffee, my own dining table and some chocolate was more to be the right moment for me to come into contact with PUSH. I quickly unboxed it and plugged in, I was reminded of how brutally heavy this thing is when I picked it up with one hand and tweaked my wrist, this thing comes in around 9lbs. As I’ve come to expect it just worked straight away, no configuration, no drivers, BAAAM we’re making music. I love that you can just plug in and work with it like an instrument, no more touching the computer. Loading Instrument, Devices, FX and manipulating can all be done from PUSH, you can even close the screen if you like.

So a week later, I’m still jamming on it daily, the controls are great and features strong and plentiful. All of them I could leave in a heart beat though, except for the “Notes” mode with the new Scaling setup on the Pads. Man-o-Man this makes creating, making, experimenting with melodies, chord progressions and even leads an awful lot of fun. It even works with me outing the midi to a cv-to-midi converter and controlling and playing all my analog synth gear.

There you have it, Ableton PUSH 7.6/10 (I’d give it 8.5 if it didn’t weight so much, I’m never going to tour with this thing<maybe>)