1 down 5 to go

I feel like things are getting bad when I know exactly what is happening with every narrative within Home and Away. OMG I can’t believe I’m watching such a trashy show and then there’s a dose of All Saints, Prison Break and Midday Movies thrown in for good measure. All I can say is ‘Thank the Queen for the Commonwealth Games’ or I’d probably shoot myself.

Sometimes I forget why I am so fascinated with Japan but then I remember stuff like this and start thinking about how many days to go to I return.

Everything from 100ml to 3l jug served chilled, more than convenient!!!


A little post I’ve had sitting around waiting to be published for a long time, something in this for everyone.

This blog is an extension of my visual diary, airing ideas out that may need feedback or generally just a good purpose to continually re-access what I am doing and why?!. I have adjusted it to suite my minimalist style so actually you will not find another blog that looks the same as mine. However, the first known blog appeared back in 1996 on the net so in no regards am I the first to have a blog nor the last. If you want to think about originality in terms of existence technically neither you nor me are original, I suspect that’s why it’s appealing to want to be an artist but even that’s debatibly un-original.

Pain Management

I’ll keep off the subject of pain for the moment cause I could go on forever. Instead I’ll post a few bits and pieces of work in progress.

Exhibit 1
“Unorthodox ways to make ART”

Exhibit 2
“A new sound mash technique I’ve worked out, this is a live recording”
“Leg Mash”:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/Leg_Mash.mp3

Exhibit 3
Come On Down to My World
“Live field recording from My Lounge Room, March 14th 11:07am”

“Lounge Room”:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/Lounge_Room.mp3


In the Wars

Just before going to hospital I chopped my finger.

Morphine Smile – didn’t last long.

Come over to my world


A field recording starting at approximately 5:07pm March 9th 2006. Southern End of the Devonport Mall. At 5:15 recorder crosses Stewart St. proceeding along Rooke St. turning into King St. were recording finishes.

“Devonport Mall – Field Recording (Come Over to My World)”:http://s36.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3PGJPPH6GH7QI1TPXI7MK3PEPI

Tomorrow is OPERATION time, fun fun!!!

Happening Snappening


Not much is happening at the moment. I’ve got the ankle chop chop (operation) on Friday which I’m not looking forward to as it’s quite a lengthy operation 2+ hours (which means that alot of stuffs being pumped into to me while I’m out to it that’ll make me crook later). Been making tunes and other unorthodox art, chill’n and selling lots of goodies on eBay.

Unorthodox Art – Test 1

Test one from my new series as explained “HERE”:http://www.tomhall.com.au/blog/?p=151


Flying Low


Somehow this full grown Plover barbed itself on the fence, trying to take a short cut I suspect. Anyway, I rescued it but not before I grabbed the Microtrack and got myself a field recording.

Although not directly related to my current art project that’s on the burner, this does help me to work out how to use audio and still visuals to enhance ones perception of a moment.

This & That All Over Again

If you know me well, I say that I’ve been doing This & That, when I’ve actually been doing fuck all. Fuck All is not such a bad thing because it’s usually a time when great ideas (well that’s speculative) come to me. So I have a new Art project on the burner and it’s getting close to boiling point. I should be able to implement it even whilst I’m incapacitated (as of next Friday the 10th, no walking for 6 weeks). It combines my interested in performance art, photography, video and sound and also my distrust and speculation of the art world and it’s possible turning into a modern day commodity. The concept is not super strong at this point, but then again we start talking before we are writting and reading, so what the heck!

Hopefully tomorrow will ‘spark’ (that’s a clue) the start, after some careful planning/testing over the last few days. You will see some stills and possible audio sample on here but nothing to heavey just yet.

Still be cranking out the jams and working on another album with 2 tracks in progress and 1 finished all bar the mastering. But there’ll be no sneak previews of these until they’re down, just expero test etc.


Oh yeah and if it’s Electronics you want let me know as I have started selling them and at a rapid rate. iPods, Samplers, CDJ’s, Mixers, Audio recorders, + much much more, just ask me, brand new and nearly half the Australian price. If you must know I’m getting them from Japan and selling them on eBay. You name, I can probably get it.



I posted a similar track to this previously but here is the real deal. It’s a kind of down tempo glitchy richy track that works itself up into a beat. It’s on the sound page of my website too.

“Glitchy Richy No Streamers”:http://www.mnml.nl/~mnmlvin/music/No_Streamers.mp3

Speaking of website updates, mine has had a minor refab. Check the “Sound”:http://www.tomhall.com.au/sound.html section for a new update, the start page and my cv, nothing too interesting. I’m in the process of working on the photo section which I hope to have up at the end of the week.

Also check out this “20 mintue breaks mix by DJ Nightrider, all original.”:http://www.mnml/nl/~mnmlvin/music/The_New_Black_Wesley_Vale.mp3

The Good 'ol days

Caught up with a good friend today that I haven’t seen for two years, since before I went to Japan. You definately know you have a good friend when you rock up at his place and he shoves a beer in your hand like you were there yesterday. It was great to catch up on what’s changed and share our different experiences from overseas.

Sutty & Me, Feb. 2002

An extract from a little live jam session. This was made using the same IAC Juggle setup that I described a few posts ago. This is staright up live as I played it, no editing.

“IAC Juggle Jam”:http://s28.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1MPVY1JH63YEO0KTR85G51LNJV

Watched a good movie the other day. Major of the Sunset Strip, a doco about KROQ DJ radio announcer Rodney Bingenheimer. This guy was the ultimate groupie, but a groupie who got guys like David Bowie, Oasis, The Runaways and Cold Play a start and their first air play in the states.

Break Beat Bash Mash


Just another side/side/side/side project as I might be doing some mixing up in Launceston at a club. This is an extract of a 45 minute jam.

Break Beat Bash Mash“:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/Mix.mp3

Stay Tuned, another performance coming very shortly.


My girl left today. Sayonara.


I can’t wait to live in Japan again, soon.

Shut Up and Fish

There’s nothing like a spot of fishing to fill in a Saturday afternoon.


and I couldn’t help but remember this particular moment from my last fishing adventure.


Whose tongue?

Music of Sound


Lately I’ve been working on some new tracks for an album I hope to get out sometime this year. The process of making these tracks combines elements of field recordings and one-shot samples such a percussion/synths/melodies, either made by me or manipulated to add something different to the original sample. Although this process is really fun and does include an element of experimentation, it’s not enough to satisfy my love for crazy new experimental discoveries.

This leads me to my latest side/side/side project of learning and using midi signals to control and play elements of field recordings in rhythmic and not so rhythmic sequences. A simple explanation of this is, by routing midi signals out of Ableton Live and back into Live through IAC midi control it plays the field recording clips (which I have assigned key notes to) in a sequence determine by the original midi signal out of Ableton Live.

Here is an example of a not so complex signal with all sounds being field recordings (even the clap is an actual ‘hand clap’ effected)

IAC MIDI JUGGLE TEST“:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/IAC%20Juggle%20Test.mp3

Summer Rulz

It’s now the best time of the year in Tassie with the sun beaming and the water boiling and the perfect pad to spend it at!


Here There & Everywhere

Just got back from a tour around Tassie. It was pretty good to be able to show Yuko the finer aspects of my home state and also discover a few for myself. We drove down to Hobart with stops at Campbelltown and Ross. Came back via the east coast of Tassie through Swansea, St Helens and Binalong Bay then Scottsdale and Launceston.

The last Monaro of this era


Would you pay $160,000 for a normal cv8 monaro? Well someone is going to, maybe more. They are selling the last one to come off the production line before they stop the machines and stop making them all together to charity on ebay.

“Check It Out Here”:http://cgi.ebay.com.au/The-Last-Holden-Monaro-Legend-Ever-Made_W0QQitemZ4611976689QQcategoryZ102244QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

…..and also check out some of the extreme bids that were cancelled “HERE”:http://offer.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=4611976689

What the f@#k?!


Man life really sucks sometimes! Lately (well since uni finished) I’ve been doing the biggest no brainers and have developed the skills of 0 time management to their fullest potential.

Today I missed a very important job interview because I tried to take a route into the city of hobart that I didn’t even know, got lost and consequently missed the interview. But it was going to happen cause I was just being too blazea (spelling) about it, filling the application out an hour before the interview, anyone would think I didn’t want it, when actually it’s just me being way to chilled I don’t even know what nervous is when really I think something like that would help me.

Anyway I’m going to try and do something about it!

Otherwise I’m going to loose big time…

To make things worse my ankles getting chopped in the 1st week of March (a reconstruction) and I’ll be in a cast for 6 weeks on sticks. Hopefully I can get in and make some rad art and music and try and keep the depression gremlins away.

The Go Go

Just because I’m back in Tassie doesn’t mean things stop. As you will have read previously Yuko sold a painting and also got a commission. I’ve really enjoyed watching the step by step progress of her portrait, I only wish I had of taken a photo earlier but here’s one with just the first base coats going down, she’s got some MAD skills, that’s for sure.


As I said it’s GO GO GO, tomorrow I have 1 job interview, an appointment with the surgeon and an appointment at physio, Wednesday I’m off to Hobart with another job interview on Thursday and a Drum n’ Bass gig to check out on Thurs. night. Friday = shopping + wine tasting and oysters. Saturday, Salamanca market and tasy beers. Yuko and I will be staying with my Uncle and Auntie which should be pretty good fun too.

Check it Out, “Hot or Not”:http://www.hotornot.com/r/v/?e=AYHYSRH&h=b42108