It’s May already 1/3 of the year down and I feel like it’s not a day past new years. Currently in Perth having been on tour since April 2nd with 12 days in Japan, 3 back in Brisbane and then straight on the TRIAD improv Australian tour.

Currently busy a busy schedule of work for a major work in Brisbane that will drop June 20th— running till June 27th and also preparing for an epic UK/EU tour in July, August, plans beyond that are also being locked down but cannot be confirmed just yet.

Coming up:

• Tonight May 5th – TURA New Music Performance, Perth.
• May 9th – Performing with TRIAD + Secret Birds, Step Inn, Brisbane.
• June 20th – Left of Left opens, Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts
• June 27th – Closing night performance of Left of Left
• July 1st – My new video work commences, Federation Square Big Screen as part of Next Waves, Time Lapse program.
• June/July/August – Various solos + AXXONN shows in Brisbane/UK/EU
• + a bunch of stuff TBA shortly…

TRIAD - Sydney

TRIAD - Sydney

Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan

Great opening show to the 7 gigs in 7 nights onslaught on Monday night. Super Deluxe is an amazing venue with one of the most advanced A/V setups I’ve used ever. It was a breeze to configure my set and soundcheck which made way for a nice set.

Last night was a wild show w/ Psychedelic Desert and tonight I am playing in Kyoto w/ Tim Olive.


4 performances down 5 to go, Goodtimes!!

the "BIG SIT"

Everything is ready for tomorrow nights opening of BIG SIT, bar some last minute tweaking (i.e. running tape, tidying cables,touching up paint etc.)

Really looking forward to this, Lawrence and Guys work looks amazing!

OPENING 6pm tomrrow night (Wed. March 18th) – Metro Arts Galleries, 109 Edward St, Brisbane City

Sonic Spaghetti