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I had an experience today that was quite positive but left me kind of saddened and questioning myself, ‘What is it I like about this World?’.

It’s a topic I have thought about and experienced extensively (not for a while though) before but I suspect just like before I won’t be able to answer my own question regarding this which leaves me once again quite frustrated.

Sometimes I HATE this World!



The latest attachment (for the next 4 weeks) and gee does it beat the hell out of plaster!

My first day back in Action and hasn’t it been an eventful one. 9am appointment to get the cast off my leg and boy did it feel good to get it off. I then got the call up to see if I wanted to go and spectate one of the best Tarmac Rallys in Australia, “Targa Tasmania”:http://www.targa.org.au/ .

I love photography and art and all things nice but bloody oath do I LIKE FAST CARS. One of the sweetest sounds I think I’ve ever heard is a Lamborghini at full RPM.


1 day to go

I was shooting some video yesterday (sunday) which included my parents cattle, half way through it what should happen but a bit of the birds and the bee’s.


The crazy thing is they’re ‘COWS’ meaning female on female. I’m not sure I can use it in my work but it definately made me laugh.


Rooke St Mall – Devonport

Yesterday I caught up with some old high school friends. It’s pretty crazy hang’n out with dudes who know your every thought and answer your questions before you’ve even asked them, it always = mega laughs.

As it happened we were down near the local mall and noticed some guys up to mischief. We watched for a while and I even took some photos as they went about putting a double dose of bubble bath in the new water feature. Pretty funny stuff especially considering how it amazingly improved the appearance of a poorly designed public space.










You would think people hadn’t seen bubbles before.

We checked it out later on and the bubbles had tripled in size. Crazzzzzi



My 'Good Friday'












Nice Day for a White Wedding (blue actually)






My Mum’s friend got Married on Saturday. The evening was pretty fun, I was incapacitated so it consisted of me standing next to the bar for it’s entirety doing a lot of left arm bicep curls. There was plenty of characters at the bar with quite a few bikies with some crazy tattoo’s and crazy dance moves, I had a total blast and ended up very KO’ed.

At The Reception

Guess what this says?!

Duuuuude, Here’s my Bum!

Epic Back Job

Great Dance Styles



This poor guy on the right went out after the reception finished and was jumped by two state level boxers on his way home because he broke up a fight earlier. A bunch of them flogged him that hard he’s now in ICU in an induced coma. I dare say they didn’t know he’s the president of the local Black Uhlans Motor Cycle Club, personally I wouldn’t want to be those boxer dudes for quids right now cause when he wakes up the shits going to hit the fan and they’ll deserve every bit of it! 1 on 1’s ok in my books but 2 on 1 or more is weak as piss!

Give Me Fire

Textured Sound Scape ‘Fly’.mp3“:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/Fly.mp3

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Going pretty craziiiiii here in Tassie but I’m making the most of the down time.

I’ve been;

      1. Teeing up some live sound gigs + an exhibition for Japan
        Writting exhibition proposals + grants
        Making sounds scapes and beats
        Filling out job applications
        Making paper (selling Audio/Sound equipment)
        Sorting out my website (slow process)
        Driving my Mum crazy
  • Caught a really good show the other day at the Devonport (local) gallery. Really was refreshing to see a high calibre show on locally. ‘Experimenta’ travelling exbition with Shaun Gladwell and the likes.

    It’s on for another 2 weeks so if your round, Check It Out!!!

    “A recent textured sound scape titled ‘Osaka Subway’.mp3″:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/Osaka_Subway.mp3


    Moon Rise


    Unorthodox Art – Test 2








    The sound of Art being made.mp3“:http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=16OMZLSXCFOVM1IALK1QO6SQ6D

    Missing Ship


    Is anyone missing their 80 metre Oil Tanker? “Checkout this news story.”:http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200603/s1601024.htm I find it hard to fathom how someone can misplace something this big.


    So I’ve been getting outside a bit more and working on some stuff that doesn’t involve my laptop. I’ve been making rhythmic field recordings by ‘playing’ different everyday surroundings. How do you play everyday surroundings? I here you asking yourself. When you place a recorder/mic in contact or very close to your objects/surroundings it amplifies and captures sounds that are more audible than we would normally think possible from something as simple as a wire farm fence.

    This is early days and I don’t even know if I will run with it. This recording features my Dad moving his car, my dog Rhani, some birds and me wrapping up the finale with a fire cracker all whilst I’m ‘Playing the Fence’. This recording is quite ambient with some very deep bass drum like sounds.

    Playing the Fence #4.mp3“:http://www.tomhall.com.au/Playing_the_Fence_4.mp3

    The Games

    Between selling stuff online, creating various projects and doing weights I’ve been getting in around 4 hours of Commonwealth Games action a day on and off. Highlights for me have varied with the top moments being John Steffani’s 400m win (my favourite distance from my track days) Brad Pitts heavey weight boxing rounds (He shapes up in the final for Gold soon) and Darrell Eastlakes commentary in the Weight Lifting. Surprisingly I’ve also been enjoying sports of a lesser note such as Lawn Bowls and Synchronised Diving (the things you do when your immobilised).



    Darrell Eastlake – Amazing“:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/dazza.mp3

    Went back to hospital yesterday for a check up. They took my cast off my leg and it felt so nice but the feeling only lasted 10 mintues and then they slammed another straight back on. They just had to take it off to make sure the wound was ok, it would seem I’m going to have a nice scar on my ankle but I don’t really mind as long as it starts working properly again.


    Moving and Shake'n


    Been doing a bit of work for my Dad, transferring old Touring Car (“see V8 Supercars”:http://www.v8supercar.com.au ) VHS tapes to DVD. For example the 1984 Sandown 500 and Bathurst, truly classic Australian car racing. One thing I can’t believe is how golden the old adds are, check this one out.

    Big Bill Templer


    In other news, I’ve given the composing a break over the last week or so and have been jamming out live with the record button on. Here’s a pretty polished taste > “Kicker Ankle Jam”:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/Kicker%20Ankle%20Jam.mp3

    Give it a hit and let us know what you think!


    Today’s been rather un-eventful, surprise surprise, apart from me finding a whole bunch of quality field recording sites with some rather conceptual content.

    First off I found these Field Recordings that these kids were getting in NY in 1982 at Video Arcades with the legendary SONY Walkman. No doubt that these kids would have been branded as nerds back in the day but now these recordings go down in history as an important capture of the start of gaming and 8-bit glitch arcade sounds.

    Check it towards the end, the attendant asks them what they’re recording.
    “Arcade 80’s”:http://www.coinopvideogames.com/sounds/videogames01/05-defender.mp3


    Yesterday I spent a really nice half hour just laying in the grass with the dog close by in our backyard. It was really nice with the sun beeming down and then I started to look at the array of life forms directly arround me, it’s quite astonishing when you really think about and take notice of your surroundings.

    “Wesley Vale Backyard March 17th 3:36pm”:http://www.tomhall.com.au/WesleyVale_Backyard_March17th.mp3

    Listen out towards the end, there is the un-mistakable sound of a Dobermann dog.

    1 down 5 to go

    I feel like things are getting bad when I know exactly what is happening with every narrative within Home and Away. OMG I can’t believe I’m watching such a trashy show and then there’s a dose of All Saints, Prison Break and Midday Movies thrown in for good measure. All I can say is ‘Thank the Queen for the Commonwealth Games’ or I’d probably shoot myself.

    Sometimes I forget why I am so fascinated with Japan but then I remember stuff like this and start thinking about how many days to go to I return.

    Everything from 100ml to 3l jug served chilled, more than convenient!!!


    A little post I’ve had sitting around waiting to be published for a long time, something in this for everyone.

    This blog is an extension of my visual diary, airing ideas out that may need feedback or generally just a good purpose to continually re-access what I am doing and why?!. I have adjusted it to suite my minimalist style so actually you will not find another blog that looks the same as mine. However, the first known blog appeared back in 1996 on the net so in no regards am I the first to have a blog nor the last. If you want to think about originality in terms of existence technically neither you nor me are original, I suspect that’s why it’s appealing to want to be an artist but even that’s debatibly un-original.

    Pain Management

    I’ll keep off the subject of pain for the moment cause I could go on forever. Instead I’ll post a few bits and pieces of work in progress.

    Exhibit 1
    “Unorthodox ways to make ART”

    Exhibit 2
    “A new sound mash technique I’ve worked out, this is a live recording”
    “Leg Mash”:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/Leg_Mash.mp3

    Exhibit 3
    Come On Down to My World
    “Live field recording from My Lounge Room, March 14th 11:07am”

    “Lounge Room”:http://www.users.on.net/~nightrider/Lounge_Room.mp3