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Should You Fear Hell?

AXXONN Should You Fear Hell?

AXXONN – Should You Fear Hell? (debut release 2008)

So there’s a new AXXONN release in the pipeline, in the lead up to it’s release I’m going to dredge up all the old classics and give them away for free or pay what you like, from the start to present. Here’s the first little known release “Should you fear hell?” super low-fi (aka recorded through a mic in a tube sock and coated in vaseline) released back in 2008 via 50 custom designed CD-Rs and given out at the first AXXONN live gig, unfortunately I don’t even have one of those 50. I hope you enjoy this #tbt listen…  http://shop.axxonnband.com/album/should-you-fear-hell


Far too long between drinks, new AXXONN in the pipeline, in the lead up I’m going share the entire back catalog week by week, here we go…




A little cameo on New Girl Season 4, Episode 3

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Hot Los Angeles

We’re currently experiencing some of the hottest weather I recall since moving to Los Angeles. Here’s a selection of images I found when searching “Vintage Hot Los Angeles”


As much as I enjoy the hustle and bustle I equally enjoy the solitude.  More>>

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Clocked over 10,ooo miles for the year, last Sunday.

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