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Things I’ve been working on. Max / Jitter / Modular Max/Jitter granular synthesis poly~ gen~ jit.gen (stepping into it) texture and shape displacement Roll Seaboard Rise Modular New case New Arrangment New Modules – Expert Sleepers FH-1 / 4ms QCD Ver2 A "sketch" into Jitter jit.gen 🤘🏻/ sound in Max #opengl #digitalart #videoart #cycling74 […]

Making Arrays

What I’ve been doing; • Visual Experiments in jit.gen (chasing the perfect harmonograph) see below • Playing with the Roli Seaboard Rise – making an interface for it in Max • Prepping for a Live a/v set for the guys at VOLUME details here • Cycling • AXXONN dj sets at Mandrake bar the last Monday […]